Emergency Response Procedures

This action plan states the actions that should be carried out in case of the following emergency situations. Any emergency not listed below should be discussed with Event Administrator and Section Heads/Group Scouters, a plan developed and appropriate actions taken. If any of these actions are carried out, the Event Administrator, and the Area Commissioner or designate/Group Commissioner or designate shall be informed at the earliest opportunity.

Minor Injuries

The group will be carrying first aid supplies for minor injuries within the level of first aid training and not requiring additional first aid or medical attention.  

Seriously Injured Person

The designated first aider shall take control of the situation until additional medical personnel arrive. The SPOT or cell phones will be used to contact emergency services required. This person will:

q Assess the nature of the accident and the extent of the injury or injuries.

q Have someone inform the Event Leader, Group Commissioner, and the participant emergency contact as soon as possible.

q Direct other Scouters to call for appropriate assistance and to manage the group.

q Treat and/or oversee treatment of the casualty or causalities. This is to be continued until medical personnel arrive

q Document and report the incident

q Evaluate the accident for future consideration


If the fire is small and can be readily extinguished, extinguish the fire. The camp leaders need to be informed immediately. If the fire cannot be readily extinguished, then the following steps must be taken:

q Raise the Alarm “Fire, Fire, Fire”

q Report fire sightings or the smell of smoke to 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on cellular networks

q Ensure the area is evacuated in a timely fashion

q The Group Scouter or their designate shall ensure all participants are accounted for

q Ensure that everyone is located at the safe gathering place designated in the Emergency Plan.

q Dispatch a leader to call for appropriate assistance.

q In the event of outside agencies being required ensure that the Group Commissioner or designate are informed immediately.

q Document and report the incident


Emergency Contacts

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia is a 911 community and as such emergency services can be contacted by dialing "911". Non emergency numbers for the following in Lake Cowichan are as follows: (If any of these numbers are used the Area Commissioner shall be informed as soon as possible. An incident report {Found in Section 20000 of BP&P} shall also be filled out.)

q Lake Cowichan RCMP1-250-749-6668

q Lake Cowichan Fire Department 1-250-749-3522

q BC Ambulance Service1-250-749-3131

q Conservation Officers1-877-952-7277

q BC Poison Control Center1-800-567-8911

Lost Youth or Adult

The adult in charge of the activity shall control this situation. With the assistance of the other Scouters and Participants, this person will:

q Ask the Participants if they know the location of the missing person (could the missing person have gone home or have been picked up by guardian and forgot to inform leaders?). Phone Home and all related contact numbers prior to calling RCMP.

q Immediately co-ordinate and conduct a local area search for the person, ensuring all of the other participants and Scouters are safe in a secure area. 

q If after five (5) minutes in the case of youth or twenty (20) minutes in the case for adult the person is not found, the Administrator is to be dispatched immediately so the appropriate authorities can be contacted,  the RCMP.

q Ensure that the Area Commissioner and Group Commissioner or designate and the emergency contact of the missing person are contacted immediately.

q Ensure all remaining participants and Scouters are kept safe.

q Document and report the incident.


British Columbia is in a prime earthquake zone. As such, the following should be carried out in the event of an earthquake:

If you are indoors: “DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON”

q Stay inside

q “Drop, Cover and Hold On”

q DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!)

q Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and

q HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

q If you cant get under something strong, or if you are in a hallway, flatten yourself or crouch against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms


If you are outdoors

q Stay outside and stay calm

q Go to an open area away from buildings. The most dangerous place is near exterior walls.

q If you are in a crowded public place, take cover where you wont be trampled.


After an earthquake

q Once the shaking has stopped, move to the safe area as designated in the Emergency Plan

q Stay calm. Help others if you are able.

q Be prepared for aftershocks.

q Listen to the radio or television for information from authorities. Follow their instructions.

q The Administrator shall ensure all Scouters and Participants are accounted for and inform same to the Event Chief, who will be the emergency coordinator.

q The Event Chief and Administrator are to assess damage and make area is safe and secure and set up an emergency command centre.

q The First Aiders are to evaluate (triage) and deal with any casualties.

q The Administrator is to assist in the direction of activities and reassure participants in conjunction with any Scouters not assigned to other tasks.

q The Course/Event Chief will document and report the incident.

q If possible, contact families and ensure them that the participants are safe.


Wildlife encounters

Wildlife including Bears and Cougars are a natural part of the eco-system of BC and encounters with any wildlife should be a positive experience. Bears in particular can be attracted to humans in search of food. Encounters within camp should be avoided by keeping the camp clean and being Bear and Cougar aware and by the storage of food and waste in either approved Bear Caches or by using appropriate Bear caching techniques. In the event of an encounter within camp or on the trail with an aggressive bear or cougar the following procedure should be followed.


q Gather group together as wildlife are reluctant to challenge larger numbers.

q At least two leader have bear spray at the ready and encourage the group to make noise.

q Ensure that group stays together as you exit the area.

q Call BC Conservation Officer on 1-877-952-7277 and report the incident.

q Document and report the incident.

q Evaluate the incident for future consideration.